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Photo  Chambre d'hôte ferme Robin
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Confortable old farmhouse in beautiful countryside
New in 2020 : swimming pool
heated by solar panels

You’ll find the lovely "Ferme Robin" among the hills of the Drôme, between the Vercors and the Ardèche, just 15 min from the motorway (A7).

Our Chambres d’Hotes is located on 5 hectares of land, nestled among peach and apricot groves.
An ideal place to enjoy the tranquillity and natural surroundings of the French countryside. At night you can enjoy the dinner menu, together with the other guests and hosts, served at our beautiful covered patio, when weather permitting. 

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Information about the region :

Eldorado for walkers and cyclists

The hilly countryside offers beautiful views on the Vercors and the Ardèche. The region offers a host of leisure activities, such as hiking and cycling*, swimming on the "Lac de Champos" (15 minutes away), an 18-hole golf course (30 minutes away), sightseeing in the grottos and wonderful old villages, or strolling beneath the fragrant peach blossoms in Spring.
You may also take the opportunity to visit some of France's most prestigious wineries here in the heart of the "Crozes Hermitage" area.

* Maps for walking and bicycling available

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